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Stay up to date

You are always up to date with what is happening to your fleet, anytime, from any device. From expiring documents, maintenance planning, cost management and optimization of daily routes.

Save time

You renew the RCA policy directly from the app, get rid of the scribbles stuck everywhere, communicate quickly with all the drivers or schedule the vehicles at your partner service. You save important time that you can dedicate to other activities that bring value to your life or company.

Reduce costs

Whether you avoid a fine, repair your cars or machinery in a timely manner preventing more costly repairs, or choose to replace an underperforming vehicle, your pocket will be grateful.


  • 5 free vehicles without contract
  • mobile app and email notifications
  • up to 30 types of notifications
  • multiple vehicle types
  • add documents and notes
  • renew your insurance directly from the app
  • you stay informed and safe
  • you save time and money
  • quick tows from the app
  • keep your maintenance history
  • replacement car in case of accident
  • PTI stations near you
  • compensation in the event of an accident


  • All functionalities for Individuals plus:

    • unlimited number of vehicles, annual subscription
    • up to 50 types of notifications
    • expense management
    • communication with drivers
    • customer and vendor management
    • maintenance management
    • detailed reports
    • manage fleet damages
    • machinery and equipment
    • lease management
    • fleet tyre management
    • priority support

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