A new way to manage company assets

Asset Management

by MyCar Assistant

If your company has machinery, tools, containers or other equipment that is not yet managed effectively, you can now add and manage it much more easily with MyCar Assistant in our resource and equipment management module.

Main functionalities

Control Panel

You have at your fingertips all asset data, ongoing contracts, data sheets or their allocation. Whether you're on the road or in the office, you'll always know where they stand.


You are always informed before reviews, leases expire or if assets have not been returned following the lease. Set which notifications you want and the number of days before they expire.


Enter all the cheques you have with each vehicle and track fleet performance from any device. Purchases, settlements, insurance, repairs and many other categories and subcategories will help you manage your operating and administration costs.


Keep a complete maintenance history of your assets and you'll always know what work was done, at what cost and when. 


Forget the piles of paperwork and documentation that keep getting lost. Now you can store your most important documents directly in the app and easily access them from anywhere.


Keep a clear record of damage at all times. Keep a clear record of claims and related costs and access all this information from any device, phone, tablet or laptop.


Saves the most important information about asset status, location and history.

Rental contracts

Get rid of piles of paper and always have access to contract details, payment methods, attachments or due dates


Clearly define the departments in your company and associate assets accordingly

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