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Manage your fleet needs with MyCar Assistant and save timeand money! You can manage expiring documents, revisions, damages, costs, drivers, and optimize your fleet by making informed decisions based on data and statistics.

So far we have saved 55+ million euros for our partners

Find out how much money you too can save by using MyCar Assistant to manage your company's fleet:

Main functionalities

Control Panel

You have all the vehicle data, administrator and driver tasks in one easy-to-use place. Whether you're on the road or in the office, you'll always know the status of the vehicles you manage or own.

Fleet management

We've created the most comprehensive and user-friendly interface to access all your vehicles. General information, technical data, expiry dates, documents and notes, all accessible from your mobile phone, laptop or tablet.


Do you have any idea when your car's RCA expires? What about the ISCIR authorisation? Get rid of these worries with recurring email and mobile app notifications for up to 50 types of expiring documents, insurance and authorisations, and regular fleet maintenance tasks.


Enter all the cheques you have with each vehicle and track fleet performance from any device. Purchases, settlements, insurance, repairs and many other categories and subcategories will help you manage fleet operating and administration costs.


Manage the drivers that help you take your business to the next level. You can store general information, contact or collaboration data and communicate with each of them or your entire fleet at once via messaging.


Schedule your cars for servicing or keep track of the work done on each vehicle directly from the web app. Whether you have your own workshops or collaborate with other suppliers, you save valuable time by using the MyCar Assistant for Companies app.


Forget the piles of paperwork that keep getting lost, especially when you have a large fleet. Now you can store your most important documents directly from your mobile or web app and access them easily from anywhere. Insurance, currency, driving licences and ID cards are just some of the electronic documents that will makeyour life easier.


Keep a clear record of the damages in your fleet, at all times. Your drivers report vehicle damages in the mobile app and you see all this information in the web app, from any device, phone, tablet or laptop.


Saves the most important information about the vehicles in your fleet, such as the type of oil used, filter model and more


You've got all the fleet tires under observation. Size, age, renewal alerts.

Leasing contracts

Get rid of piles of paper and always have access to contract details and due dates


Your team will have access to customer and supplier data plus reports based on it

Resource Management - Asset Management

Additional option

If your company has machinery, tools, containers or other equipment that is not yet managed effectively, you can now add and manage it much more easily with MyCar Assistant in our resource and equipment management module.

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Use our app to manage expiring documents, revisions, damages, costs, drivers and optimize your fleet by making informed decisions based on data and statistics.

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